Black Cocoon | Fine Raw Silk | Hand Woven Wrap


This airy, transparent and delicate shawl will wrap you like a cocoonIt's an elegant piece that will change your whole sensation on real silk texture! 

This special shawl made with pure silk with no process. It's very hard to produce more than twice a day considering the raw and delicate thread.

The shawl made out of pure and raw silk. Folds and fits into your purse and wrinkles fall off easily.

It is cooling in the summer and warming in the fall and winter.


Hand wash with cold water and mild soap (i.e. baby shampoo). No iron.


Non-processed, raw silk shawl made with ancient weaving technique.

Each item is individually crafted by a master weaver. Given the time required for silk harvest to removing the shawl from the loom, only a very few can be procured daily. Each piece is created one at a time and no two are alike. All silk scarves are  hand painted with the finest non toxic silk dyes.


A perfect gift for the loved ones.

Gift wrapping is available upon request