Plain Diamond


Meet the quality of real cotton with our Baklava collection. These timeless tightly woven creations are soft as velvet, luxurious, and maintain their shape and texture beautifully even after washing.

Each towel is handwoven by one connoisseur that carefully mirrors nature and nature’s processes with increase attention to detail, and naturalism. As it is made of 100% cotton, it is a perfect companion for your skin. It does not cause sweating and it is non-allergenic. The cotton nature of the fabric allows your body to stay dry, while your skin is still able to breathe.


Product Details

High-quality cotton fibers and yarns come closer with pre-shrinking before looming, so no additional shrinkage will occur after washing as the fibers will de-swell and reform to their original size.

  • Weaved using 100% Cotton yarns
  • Hand-loom
  • Responsibly sourced 
  • Non-allergenic
  • Soft and sustainable 
  • High absorption
  • Multipurpose
  • Eco-friendly